Mike Bruno's Vixen 2500 - 1997T

Last updated - 25.10.2012


Infos from former owner Tom Staszak

My dad bought this car from a friend of his named Cliff Yusko back in 1985, drove it for a few years, then it sat in the garage from about 1990 to 2005 without moving (Cost of insurance was too steep with teenagers in the house!).
In 2005, he handed the keys over to me rather than selling it to make some room in the garage.
After a complete over haul of the brake system, clutch, carbs and some other things, I just got it on the road June 2005 and I'm having a blast with it.
Boy does it turn heads! I believe there was one owner who was a lawyer who owned it before Cliff.

************* update 25.10.2012 *************************************

Mechanically hugely upgraded and looks pretty amazing.

We did complete suspension upgrade, completely detailed and painted underbody-- was some surface rust, re- did seats as well as carpets ( to a very high level), put in competition 2 piece red seat belts, full service, full detail by one of the best guys I know-- this winter we will focus on engine bay detailing, cleaning, painting, etc...

Car was in a show recently along with 3 other cars I own which are all beautiful and was the biggest winner and certainly attracted the most attention

Current Owner:

Mike Bruno

Former Owners:

Tom Staszak

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