George Radelat's Vixen 2500 - 2068T

Last updated - 14.02.2006


My name is George Radelat, I live in Miami Florida and I am the proud owner of this 1972 TVR-2500 VIN # 2068T.
I found the car on E-bay in October of 2002 and the car was located in California, the owner had the car sold twice thru E-bay and both times the buyers did not come up with the cash. The third time he listed it I bought it.
I remember seeing this car in a showroom when I was a kid and I had fallen in love with it's unique body style. The owner sent me many pictures of the car and was very honest describing the car's condition.
When I bought the car it was very original except for Pertronics ignition, electric fan and a recent paint job.
Since I have had the car I have wet sanded and buffed out the paint ( had a lot of orange peel), rechromed the bumpers, and gas cap, rebuilt the alternator, installed a radio cd player and with a lot of help and advise from a lot of the TVR owners from this registry I went with the 15 " Panasport wheels and 195/65/R15 Falken tires. I also installed Gaz adjustable shocks with Hypercoils 10" springs so I can adjust the height.
The car is a blast to drive, and my son and I love to take it for long drives , it is very popular in the local car shows and everybody always has to ask "what is it ?".

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George Radelat

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