David Medeiros Vixen 2500 - 2100T

Last updated - 17.11.2006


The car was purchased by my dad in 1979. He did a restoration and drove it for 5 years before putting her up in storage until 1997 when I took it off his hands.
It then laid up in storage until 2005 when I began another ground up restoration. The Chassis is restored as pictured, with powder coated frame, Poly bush, new bearings, stubs, seals, shocks, springs, brake lines & cables, rebuilt rear end and tranny.
The engine is out for machining and will include, Tipple Webers, Cam, Roller rockers, big valves, +.030 10:1 pistons, etc...ect...$$$. The body color..... TBD

Current Owner:

David Medeiros

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