Stephen Pink's Vixen 2500 - 1909T

Last updated - 22.07.2003


I bought the car from Paul Weaver two years ago with a stack of history and bill receipts. He had spent much effort in restoring it but had not completed the project. It needed further work and tender loving care to bring it up to reliable road usable condition. The Triumph TR5 engine was good and had been converted to 2600cc with gas flowed head, sports cam, lightened flywheel and six branch exhaust manifold. There was an overdrive gearbox fitted that needed a better mounting in the car. The car has been repainted in its British Racing Green finish. Complete re-wiring has been carried out and many new electrical items have been replaced with original parts. New rear shocks, steering rack and suspension ball joints have recently been fitted as has a rebuilt radiator with an upgraded core and thermostatically controlled electric fan. New centre console was made and a new steering wheel fitted. The seat mountings have been reinforced and the seats now slide with adjustment. The bonnet was fitted with fine stainless steel mesh to improve air flow. New headlamps and battery have been fitted. The alternator has been re-positioned for correct alignment. The bonnet frame has been modified to improve load spread. The front splash guards have been modified to allow better flexible mounting. An immobiliser has been fitted. New counter sunk wheel nuts were fitted to improve on wheel vibration problem. The car sounds great and revs easily. The overdrive is a great improvement but I needed to fit a dash lamp as there is so much torque developed by the engine and by mistake, I kept leaving it in overdrive!

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Stephen Pink

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