Hans Lund Kristensen's Vixen 2500 - 2094T

Last updated - 11.06.2024

************ Infos from 22.06.2008 *********************************************


In february 2005 I found a TVR 2500 for sale in the UK. I bought it from Dennis Rushton, Stoke-on-Trent, and started restoring it in the early 2005.

It is totally original with matching numbers, glass rear screen, leather seats a.o. I also received a complete list of work done on the car + bills. There was a manual including diagrams, spareparts numbers, drawings, matching parts from donor cars, and much more.

I have made a complete rebuild of the chassis with shotblasting, polypropylene bushings, new springs and absorbers. Engine is overhauled with new pistons, bearings, converted cyl.head for unleaded fuel.

The body is not yet finished; but will return from the paint workshop next week. Hereafter I will renovate the cabin with new carpets, folding roof and - - - - - -
I have now almost finished my project Vixen 2500, and would like You to put a little more information about the car on your homepage:
I have painted, assembled, connected new wiring system, this time inclusive fuses !

Cabin is finished with new carpets, original seats, spare wheel with cover, sunroof is renovated in the UK.
I have done a short testrun, and it will be registered next month.
Still remaining is some adjustments on the suspension, steering, engine. With this type of car You can always find something to improve.

************ Infos from 11.06.2024 *********************************************

Engine updated:

Injection system VEMS controller, with injection nozzles mounted in the inlet manifold,

electronic fuel pump in the rear,

ignition unit from FORD, crank sensor 36 - 1, lambda sensor, wires and cables etc.

Petrol consumption: Normal driving: Less than 7,5 litres / 100 km

Motor starts and runs perfectly with en exceptional good sound

Current Owner:

Hans Lund Kristensen

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