Joe Otero's Vixen 2500 - 1902T

Last updated - 02.01.2018

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I resently inherited a 71 2500 from my father.
He died in Feb and was an avid TVR fan with the 71 and a 86 280i.
I also have a 63 Grantura so it only made sense to keep the car in the family.
He took delivery of the car (serial # 1902T) in Dec of 2002.
The picture of the car in black shows the way it showed up. over the next 4 years he took the car apart and did a frame up on the car. Late in 2006 he was unable to work on it any more due to his illness and I took over the job in Dec.
It now resides in my garage and should be back on the road in a couple of months. The wiring harness is becoming a bit of a pain. I have 3 different diagrams and none match the car. Typical TVR I guess. The next picture shows the car as it currently looks.

**************** 02.01.2018 **********************************************

Car sold to Joe Otero

Current Owner:

Joe Otero

Former Owner:

Charlie Birkline

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