Richard Morris Vixen 2500 - 1904T

Last updated - 14.11.2013


Info: Purchased in 2007 with MOT - just.....
Good chassis, but the car requires a full rebuild of the front and rear suspension, which is ongoing just now and should see it return to the road in 2010.

The engine and gearbox are in good condition but the bodywork requires some work which will be done on a "rolling restoration" basis so that I can enjoy the car and keep my enthusiasm levels up!

Update 10/2012:

I have rebuilt the front brakes and suspension, the rear is stripped off, and I have painted and preserved the chassis

******* Update 22.08.2013 ****************************************************************


Just finished a complete of back suspension with new rear differential, brakes, shock absorbers, springs and Supaflex bushes all round – what a struggle after having a stroke in 2012.

Competition licence issued and car entered into the Bo’ness hillclimb – its has been a physical struggle and I hope to keep the car out of the trees following all of my hard work!

******* Update 14.11.2013 ****************************************************************


I managed to compete in the Bo’ness Hillclimb 2013 with no mishaps! Don’t know if you can use the attached photos?

Anyone who is thinking about something similar with their TVR should stop thinking and just do it – its great fun and I can’t wait until next year – just need more power....

Current Owner:

Richard Morris

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