Peter Konkel's Vixen 2500 - 1855T

Last updated - 13.12.2016


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Ive owned this car for twelve years and continue to cherish it; to the extent that Ive sold it, and bought it back when the opportunity presented itself. This car has crossed the US twice now.

This car has benefitted from a body off frame restoration and during the restoration process it was professionally converted to Tuscan V8 LWB specs, using a Ford 302 roller cam engine, five speed close ratio gearbox and Jaguar Salisbury 3:45 differential providing perfect gearing, Koni sport dampers, tandem at the rear, with updated brakes, cooling and steering.

I particularly like the overall balance provided by the long wheelbase chassis and its neutral handling, it can be docile around town, smooth on the highway and a terror when you get on the gas. Did I mention it was fast?"

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Peter Konkel

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