UnKnown Vixen 2500 - 2216T

Last updated - 21.03.2016


************** 02.11.2006 *******************************************

1971 TVR 2500 Race Car
The car is prepared for vintage racing to 1972 Sports Car Club of America C-Production specifications and General Competition Rules. Current Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing logbook. Runs in CVAR Group 7. No title. The car was last raced in September, 2006

Color: British Racing Green.

Weight: 1800# without driver.

Transmission: TR-6 Close-ratio 4-speed.

Differential: 3.7:1 TR-6

Cooling System: Stock TVR radiator with electric cooling fan. Thermostatically-controlled oil cooler.

TR-6 .030 overbore
Cryo-treated crank
Cam bearings
Oversize lifters
Pauter Engineering billet rods
JE Pistons w/Devis rings
12.5:1 ported and relieved head.
Erson 292 cam w/.410 lift
Supplemental oil line to rocker assembly.
Ceramic-coated headers with 2-1/2" exhaust.
Triple Weber 40DCOE carburetors.
MSD Ignition w/Pertronix Ignitor.
Magnacor Ignition wires.
Gear-reduction starter.
11# lightened steel flywheel.
Heavy-duty clutch.

Fronts are stock TR-6 with Hawk Blue competition Pads. Rear drums are aluminum 240Z drums.

New mig-welded lower wishbones.
Southwick aluminum front hubs.
Griffith rear stub axles.
Front suspension carries 700# springs with GAZ adjustable shocks.
Rears are dual 175# (350#/side) springs with GAZ adjustable shocks.
7/8" front sway bar

Other Stuff:
Full roll cage
8-gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell. Holley electric pump. Fram fuel filter.
Accusump system.
On-board fire suppression system.
Racing seat with five-point harness.
Kill Switch.
Earl's and Aeroquip armored hoses in fuel, oil and hydraulic systems.
205/60-15 Yokohama A048s on Panasport 6" wheels.

TR-6 3.45 diff
Spare Seat
Spare mig-welded lower rear wishbone
Spare Lucas Starter
Spare TR-6 short block

**************** Update 21.03.2016 ***************************************************

I sold 2216T ("Kermit") in 2010. I sold the car to a dealer and he subsequently sold it to a collector. I have no idea who now owns the car or where it is. I was sorry to see the car leave the vintage racing scene. It was extremely quick only the Porsche 911's (and not all of those) were faster. Unfortunately, the economics of retirement do not support racing.

John Price

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John Price

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