Adrian Stevenson's - Vixen 2500 - 2018T

Last updated - 29.09.2018


My pride and joy, pastime hobby. Dry use only. 107bhp at wheels.
Total restoration by myself and a few professionals, chassis up. Ive had the car for about 20 years now. Stage 2 head, custom exhaust, just the carbs to sort out now...any ideas?

******* Update 04.03.2014************************************************

“My pride and joy, pastime and hobby. Mainly dry use only but the wipers do work in the rain!

Been in my possession for about 20+ years now, fully re built by myself.

Stage 2 head, 6 branch SS manifold with custom SS system. Approx 140BHP at wheels. Black leather MX5 seats in now. Fully adjustable AVO’s all round.

Next thing to do is hotter street CAM , HS7’s and Megajolt”

******* Update 29.09.2018************************************************


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