Rich Fussell's Vixen 2500 - 1857T

Last updated - 24.06.2013


Hi there from the USA!

I used to own a 71 Vixen here on the east coast. New Jersey. It had vin number 1857T. When I bought it back in the 70's it was silver. Being early it did not yet have the M frame. Due to hidden damage from an accident I tore the body off and replaced it with a 69, with the earlier 3 slats. Fixed the frame too. The new body was Chinese Red. I have been looking for it for decades now. Hope it turns up on your site.

******** update 26.06.2013 **************

I am including this picture of a beautiful red Vixen I found. It is not of my car but my car looked exactly like this when I sold it. As a kid owning this car I had time on my hands. Used to work at a TVR dealership in Scotch Plains New Jersey in the early '70's.

This car had the Triumph 6 which I tore down and rebuilt, balancing and polishing all internals, tulipped the valves, opened the head up for better breathing and through in a 3/4 race cam. It was a screaming, hi-revving tractor motor! Put some Austin Healy carbs on it, hated the Stromberg smog carbs. Probably gained only 20-25 horses but it sounded and felt great.

The guy I sold it to came to me 6 months after the sale asking for the head tightening pattern, my heart sunk, what did he DO to it...

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