George Sercombe's Vixen 2500 - 1911T

Last updated - 06.01.2020


************ 18.12.2003 *****************

Over the last 2 1/2 years I have been restoring every little bit of this vehicle.
Bought as a "basket case" with a body shell which had a stack of steel rims fall on it collapsing the roof behind the sun roof and on the left side "A" and "B" pillars. I have not started on the body work to date but have completed the restoration of the frame, suspension, drive line and have started the rebuilt motor. The interesting part of my first (and last) "basket case" restoration was in the finding that two boxes of part had gone missing eight years earlier when the sand blaster won the Lotto and vacated his business.
Over the last year little work has been done on the Vixen for my focus has been on the completion of the restoration of a Mini Moke and two Porsche 914's. All three cars were "complete" restoration projects. I will restart my efforts on the Vixen in the spring of 2004 with the fiberglass body work and interior build. The electrical system has been rewired. I would like to turbo or supercharge the Triumph 2500 motor as the USA motors are down on power.

Current Owner:

George Sercombe

Former Owner:

Bill Berman

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