Stewart Scott's Vixen 2500 - 2017T

Last updated - 01.02.2021


******* 24.05.2016 ********

I have recently bought a TVR Vixen 2500. I have been thinking about a classic TVR for some time and just having sold my TR4 almost immediately saw this one for sale near Stevenage.

After conferring with the owner of an M-Series 3000 I decided to buy. Not quite sure yet if Ive made the right decision.

The car is in pretty good condition and, I would say, is almost certainly as original as one would find, and with a very low mileage to boot (33,000), having been stored for the last 25 years or so. It has never been subject to a full body-off refurbishment so would certainly benefit from one which is what I intend to do if I decide to keep the car.

****** Update 01.02.2021 **************


Since purchasing the car I have now pretty much completed its refurbishment/improvement.

As may be seen from the original images I posted, the car was absolutely original. The purists may not like this but the engine bay was rather too 'agricultural-looking' for my liking, and an engine that could barely pull the skin off a rice pudding didn't really fit the image of a sports car; so, a significant increase in power and a much tidier-looking engine bay has given the old girl the looks and the power to warrant the term 'sports car!

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Stewart Scott

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