Gary Lester's Vixen 2500 - 1915T

Last updated - 15.09.2017


I recently bought a Vixen 2500, the car is in very good condition and has been well cared for and maintained.

It is a 4 speed overdrive car with a sunroof and black vinyl dashboard and seats. The colour is not original, I believe it was a brighter red when it left Blackpool. The car came with an extensive history file and lots of invoices for labour and parts.

First registered in the UK 11/05/1971. Chassis No 1915T, original registration GLK408J. Now on Irish plates, ZV6709.

I bought the car from Graham Miles in Dublin. Graham had owned the car for 15 years. Previous owners included Ms A Wells from Essex, Mr D May, Mr A Taylor from Insch and Thurso in Scotland and F.G Pearce in Waltham Cross. Any previous owners are welcome to get in touch, also, I would be glad to hear of the car's history.

I have attached a picture that was in the history file from around 2001, maybe someone will recognise it from that time.

I live in the West of Ireland and I have been enjoying driving and tinkering with the car. The car is a pleasure to drive and the car catches peoples attention where ever we go, I think this may be the only Vixen in Ireland, but I am happy to hear from another owner if there is one over here.

Current Owner:

Gary Lester

Former Owner:

Ms A Wells

Mr D May

Mr A Taylor

Mr Thurso

F.G Pearce

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