Owner unknown - Vixen 2500 - 2061T

Last updated - 08.06.2021


Sold at Bonhams 2017 for £ 25,300 (€ 29,478)

The car was treated to a 'ground upwards' restoration in 1991 by a TVR specialist, with subsequent improvements and modifications including a full drive train replacement (in October 1993) and a full suspension rebuild.

Undertaken in October 1997, the latter included installing Polybushes; powder coating the wishbones, front uprights, brake drums/back-plates springs and ancillaries; a full rebuild of the steering rack and track rod ends with new bushes to column; new wheel bearings throughout; new pivot bars to rear uprights; and drive shaft universal joints replaced. New brake callipers, discs and braided hoses were fitted at the same time, while all five wheels are genuine Minilite alloys (original 'web' wheels available).

Over-bored by 0.020", the engine incorporates Hepolite forged pistons; gas-flowed cylinder head with matched ports and bigger valves; Kent TH5 'fast road' camshaft with matched Aldon distributor; triple Weber 40 DCOE carburettors with K&N filters; and a multi-branch exhaust manifold leading to a JP custom-made stainless steel system. To ensure reliability, the lubrication system has been upgraded with a baffled sump; high-pressure oil pump; spin-on oil filter; and an oil cooler with inline thermostat and high-pressure hoses.

A custom-made aluminium radiator complete with sensor-driven electric cooling fan (with manual override) looks after the cooling. Power is delivered to a Triumph gearbox with overdrive on 3rd and 4th gears, reaching the rear wheels via a balanced prop shaft and limited-slip differential. Other noteworthy features include a lightweight bonnet and a fully upholstered and carpeted interior, the latter incorporating high-back bucket seats, three-point quick-release harnesses, and a rear roll cage in MSA-specification tube with secure harness bushes.

Accompanying paperwork consists of sundry restoration invoices, a list of early owners, a V5C document, and current MoT.

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