UnKnown owner Vixen 2500 - 1805T

Last updated - 06.02.2023


This 1971 TVR Vixen 2500 (chassis 1805T) has been off the road since 1985 and is now offered as a rolling, largely complete project thatís ready for restoration. Front and rear glass panes have been removed to prevent failing seals from allowing them to fall through and break, but are included along with the original fiberglass seat frames. The only real missing parts appear to be upholstery related, and the factory Triumph straight six reportedly shows no water in its oil. The seller hasnít attempted to start it however, and thereís no word on whether it turns freely. A few nasty fiberglass issues will need fixing, but frame rust is reported to be limited to the surface, which if true could make this an easier project than initial impressions would suggest.

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